Microfibre Cloth

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All Jura machines have been expertly designed using modern styles and finishes. This gives them a sleek elegance, but it does also mean that they are prone to showing up marks and fingerprints on their surface. With Jura's specially developed microfibre cloth, however, these can be easily wiped away.

Jura's microfibre cleaning cloth is a simple yet genuinely useful tool which will help keep your beloved machine looking like it's just come straight out of the box. It allows you to gently clean the surface of the machine and ensure a streak-free, spotless finish.

Whilst there are plenty of generic household cleaning cloths that could be used, these can require lots of effort in order to buff away marks. Jura's microfibre cloth has been specifically designed for this purpose meaning that it makes keeping your machine looking like new effortless.

Suitable for use on chrome, aluminium, metal, wood, textile and leather surfaces.

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