Why choose a Jura machine?

You may be asking yourself 'why should I purchase a Jura machine as opposed to any of the other coffee machines available on the market?' and it's a valid question.

When there are so many different types of machines, from different brands, offering different things, it can be difficult to decide which one is the most suited to your needs. You may even already have a machine but are considering an upgrade and wondering whether one from Jura is the right choice.

One of the main aspects that is questioned about Jura machines is their price tag compared to other branded machines. Yes, they cost more, but having been labelled as ' the Rolex of coffee machines', there is good reason why and we can assure you, they are worth every penny.

On this page, our aim is to illustrate the progression from a more basic machine to a Jura automatic bean to cup in order to show you why Jura is regarded as one of the best providers of premium appliances in the world and why their machines are without a doubt, the best pick of the bunch.

Pod machines

Many people will start with a pod-based coffee machine at home and they do certainly have their merits. They generally have a small initial cost, are simple to operate, offer convenience and usually have a range of coffee and other beverage pods to choose from. One of the downsides to these types of machines, however, is the recurring costs of the pods and the associated environmental implications. For those looking for more control over their coffee, they also don't offer much in terms of customising the drink or making subtle adjustment to the strength, volume, etc.

Mid-level automatics

Enter the mid-level automatic. These machines are ideal for those looking for their first automatic machine that will make decent coffee and offer some choice and control over the coffee produced.  There is a huge variety of different machines at this level on the market all with their accolades and limitations but they arguably offer more functionality than pod-based coffee machines. Starting at around the £250 mark, however, they also have an initial cost that is considerably higher. Even with price tags that can exceed £1000, these machines don't always have the best build quality which sometimes, unfortunately, means that once they develop a fault, they aren't cost-effective to repair.

Jura machines

Then there's Jura machines. Jura is the only brand globally to focus solely on premium super automatic speciality coffee machines and is clearly positioned as a specialist in this market. Coffee machines from Jura are associated with quality, precision, durability and reliability alongside delivering the best coffee through the simplest operation whilst showcasing stunning design.

The quality of the drinks Jura machines produce are also unparalled. Whether you are a coffee purist looking for an espresso topped with the perfect crema or a latte lover looking for a creamy macchiato crowned with milk foam, Jura have a machine tailored to you. They grind only the amount of beans needed to keep them as fresh as possible, and many models even have a bypass chute for using pre-ground coffee. Some machines offer two drink preparations simultaneously and then there are also models that allow you to create bespoke beverages. All of these are available at the touch of a button on the easy to use display panel and custom adjustments to each beverage are completed with ease.

The machines feature world-class Jura technology such as their revolutionary Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P) and the Aroma G3 grinder which have been specially developed by their team of engineers.

Jura have designed both a domestic and commercial range of machines so that whether you are looking to achieve barista quality coffee at home or indulge customers, staff and guests at work, the office or in a hospitality setting, there is a machine that will meet your requirements with regards to output, budget and design.

These machines are an investment and will endure years and years of use if maintained correctly. Jura have ensured that keeping your machine in perfect working condition is as easy as possible as not only do they have a carefully devised range of specialist maintenance products, but they also have an excellent aftercare network comprising of service factories, hospitality centres and authorised Jura repair centres.

If you want a machine that will craft consistently delicious coffee specialities, encompasses the best of Swiss design both mechanically and aesthetically, and has an excellent lifespan, then it just has to be Jura.

If you'd like any more information, or you'd like to speak to someone about making a purchase, then please don't hesitate to contact us by calling 01507 608 100 or emailing enquiries@pozzani.co.uk.

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